BPSC Prelims - Book List

Always refer BPSC Prelims – Book List for perfect preparation, while you scan through websites for the best book to clear the exam and you end up buying all sorts of books. This is the gravest mistake every aspirant commits at least once during their preparation days.

To avoid this, there is a simple solution to it. Just be a Minimalist. Instead of studying plenty of books once or twice, read one or two source many times. This will definately make the difference.


Once you are done with revision, just go for a kill to practice as many questions as you get be it online or offline.

Here are some book suggestions to read for your preparation.

Though NCERT in itself is more than enough, but if need some more insight in any topic then go for just only one more standard book. Rest is Revision and Practice.

I hope this will help you.

Here are some recommendations for BPSC Prelims – Book List