Subjectwise Question Paper Breakup

 Categorywise Cutoff Marks

Yearwise total Number of Students Appeared

BPSC conducts the State-Level Civil Services Examination (CCE) every year. The exam takes place in three stages – Prelims, Mains, and the Interview. To pass each stage, candidates are required to score marks above the BPSC Cut Off that is decided by the commission. For the understanding of the BPSC Prelims Exam, this article will provide you information on the BPSC Cut-Off marks for BPSC Prelims (60th-62nd, 63rd, 64th and 65th); how is BPSC Cut-Off is calculated; and the year-wise official cut-off of the Bihar civil services exam.

Facts about BPSC Cut Off:

The following points can clear doubts on how BPSC Cut Off is calculated:

1. The BPSC prelims cut off marks are based on General Studies Paper only.

2. The BPSC cut off marks indicate the marks of the last candidate who was selected based on the number of vacancies in a particular category. The BPSC releases the cut off marks for both Prelims and Mains only after the result of the Bihar Civil Services Exam for that particular year is declared respectrively.

3. BPSC has cleared a few things with regards to the selection of candidates based on cut off:

Case 1 – If two candidates score equal aggregate marks in Bihar Civil Services Examination (BPSC), the commission resolves the tie by allotting higher rank to that candidate who secures more marks in compulsory papers and Interview put together.

Case 2 – If two candidates score equal also in compulsory papers and BPSC personality tests put together, the candidate who will be senior in age will be allotted a higher rank.

Case 3 – If two candidates who score equally in both compulsory papers and BPSC Interview; and also are same in age; then the candidate who would have secured more marks in only compulsory papers will be allotted a higher rank.


Note: Never solely strategize your preparation around exact cutoff marks, instead add atleast 20% extra of cutoff marks as your target qualifying marks.

Cutoff marks changes every year as per the performance of the candidates in that year and number of vacancies available that particular year.


Below is the graphically represented yearwise official cutoff marks released by BPSC, it will help you to plan your preparation strategy for BPSC Prelims Exam accordingly.

BPSC Cutoff Chart
65th BPSC Cut-off
64th BPSC cutoff
63rd BPSC cutoff
60-62 BPSC cutoff

BPSC Prelims consists of 150 questions / 150 Marks, distributed along 9 Subjects (History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Science and Technology, Environment, Bihar State Based, General Knowledge and Current Affairs, and Mathematics).

Below is Subject Wise distribution and Analysis of Number of Questions asked in 60th-62nd, 63rd, 64th and 65th BPSC Prelims Exam.

Please Go through the data for strategize your plan to succeed in your Exam.

Subjectwise Qs. Chart
Number of Questions BPSC

Around 2,57,247 (65th BPSC), 2,95,444 (64th BPSC), 90697 (63rd BPSC), and 1,60,086 (60-62nd BPSC) candidates appeared for the BPSC Combined Competitive Preliminary Test.

Number of Post BPSC Combined Competitive Preliminary Exam declared for 434 (65th BPSC), 1465 (64th BPSC), 355 (63rd BPSC), and 642 (60-62nd BPSC).

Number of Posts in BPSC
Number of Students Appeared
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