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Test Series.

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These are the State Public Service Commisions Exam covered here.

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Importance of Tests.

Why is it important to practice Test ?

#1. Test Room Experience

Try to Take Test in Controlled Environment to achieve Optimal Results and Be True to Your Self…


#2. Performance Assessment

Practicing Tests will help you accurately Analyse your Preparation Level and make appropriate Plans

#3. Better SPEED

Practicing Tests always help in improving Speed….


#4. Avoid Silly MISTAKES

You will make Least amount of Silly Errors in Actual Examination…

#5. Improve ACCURACY

Enhanced Performance due to Practicing Test, as would lead to faster Reaction Time and Accuracy Level…



Everyone Struggles With Trusting Their Abilities, but Practicing Benefits by Boosting Your Self-Confidence

#7. WIN the RACE

All these Benefits of Practicing and Revising will lead to the One Thing – You Crossing the FINISHING Line.


YOU Can Do It… YOU Will Do It…!!”


Why Us.

Why theGuruGyan is the best choice for you?

Our Aim is to provide you with State PCS based Comprehensive Test Series.

We understand, State PCS exam is different from UPSC exam. Almost all Coaching Institute provide Test Series as per UPSC exam and do no treat State PCS as different exam format.

Competition is getting tougher day by day and every one of us wishes to achieve high score. The amount of Coaching Institute Study Materials Available Online and Offline is huge, which gets overwhelming most of the time. We try studying from all sources, be it online or offline and we are left with no time to practice. But the success of a candidate is not just decided by study material but by number of tests they have practiced and by how much they analysed their performance.

theGuruGyan has got the best solution for the same. Providing online and offline Test Series program for UPPSC, BPSC, MPPSC, RPSC, JPSC, HPPSC, UKPSC, WBPSC, HPSC, CGPSC, MPSC, GPSC and many more. theGuruGyan makes it easier for you to ace these competitive exams.

By signing up for theGuruGyan online or offline Test Series program for the State PSC exams you are at a very big advantage, because you get the entire study material in your hands, and you can give free and paid online mock tests and prepare from the comfort of your house without having to waste time on travelling to coaching institute.

theGuruGyan provides you not only question papers for practice but also free Weekly Current Affairs Update in comprehensive Question and Answer format to boost your knowledge and generate interest in various important topics. Free important Listicles which helps with your preparation, Tips and Tricks for relevant State exams and Weekly Puzzles to challenge the logical end of your CSAT preparation.

theGuruGyan provides you a detailed analysis report of your Mock Test performance at sectional and overall level which helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. It will help you understand yourself in a better way, thus helping you to achieve higher score.

Tests are provided by replicating the actual exam environment, with the same scoring process, so that you get a hands-on experience for the same. It will prepare you well for the actual exam and you will commit less mistakes in actual exam.

The online medium of preparation has another added advantage that you are able to get support 24×7 for all your doubts and queries which are cleared by exam toppers and experts.

Preparation for various competitive exams has been made easier with theGuruGyan, providing you many other score improving features that are not available in coaching institutes thus helping you achieve Better Score and Better Rank.