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About thegurugyan

Namaste to Everyone!

In an era of such information overload, aspirants often tend to get confused and lost in the clutter. We, at thegurugyan, have long felt the urge to simplify and streamline the information, for both the study material and the current affairs.

State Civil Services Examination, conducted annually by the State Public Service Commission is one of the gateways to get associated with the State administrative system. With lakhs of aspirants aiming for the coveted positions, the competition has become quantitatively as well as qualitatively tougher.


Why should you follow thegurugyan?

Firstly, we provide very comprehensive study material derived from standard sources as well as free mock test based on these materials, which could help you to have better understanding on the respective topics and will help you to easily recall it during the examination.

Secondly, Current Affairs is the most important, as well as the trickiest part of Civil Services Exam. Making your own notes from any standard national newspaper consumes much of your time, especially if you are a beginner. This is because the news articles that appear in the newspaper generally miss certain essential facts, lack the logical flow of content and are complexly worded.

Keeping all this in mind and valuing above all, the time that an aspirant invests, we at thegurugyan – deconstruct the item to extract the essentials out of it, consistent with the exam syllabus, rearrange it logically to give clarity and thorough understanding of the issue. Providing additional facts, figures and maps for a better insight.

Besides, we consolidate the news articles as and when they develop, to follow the progress of events. In this process, we refer almost all the renowned national newspapers and government websites, cherry-pick the news articles that are relevant to State PSC Exams and update the materials on a daily basis. We ensure to keep the daily articles as crisp and clear as possible, keeping in mind the current affairs material that would pile up for a year, in line with the exam.


What do thegurugyan offer?

Notes and Free Online Mock Tests – questions are based on the topics covering the syllabus as well as standard books that has to be followed for State Civil Services Examination.

The Daily News column covers current events from a range of National and Regional news journals such as The Hindu, The Indian Express, Business Standard, Economic Times, Hindustan, Dainik Jagran and Navbharat Times along with regular updates from Press Information Bureau.

The Prelim Bits focusses on the news events that are particularly relevant from the prelims point of view. This is a section to familiarise with the organisations, features, events and facts in relation to the current issues. The section notably makes a complete coverage of PIB besides others.

State based topics are thoroughly prepared to provide detailed account of the respective states.

Similarly, Daily Prelims Test Series provides you with an opportunity to experience the State PSC prelims exam. It is an interactive platform, where some questions from daily current affairs is provided, to which you can answer and submit. It is validated on the State PSC exam pattern and the answers and explanations are also given. A daily list of toppers is also published just to cultivate a competitive spirit.

The Downloads is to make available the consolidated materials for revision purposes. It includes Monthly Compilation of Current Affairs and Gist of chosen Magazines such as the Yojana, Kurukshetra. It also provides timely Prelims and Mains oriented compilations in line with the respective State PSC exam schedule. Additionally, previous year question papers of the State PSC and theGuruGyan’s test series are also made available.

Nevertheless, we recommend aspirants to follow any one of the standard National Newspapers, say The Hindu or The Indian Express. This is just to observe how news unveils, to be aware of how government functions on a day to day basis and to keep track of local news that might be of help for the interview.         


Which State’s thegurugyan is Covering?

For now, we are providing services for these State’s:

Bihar Public Service Commission – BPSC,

Gujarat Public Service Commission – GPSC,

Haryana Public Service Commission – HPSC,

Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission – HPPSC,

Jharkhand Public Service Commission – JPSC,

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission – MPPSC,

Maharashtra Public Service Commission – MPSC,

Rajasthan Public Service Commission – RPSC,

Tripura Public Service Commission – TPSC,

Uttarakhand Public Service Commission – UKPSC,

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission – UPPSC,

West Bengal Public Service Commission – WBPSC,

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