Why Us?

Most of us spend about one-third of our entire lives studying. So, it’s a shame that a surprisingly large number of people end up entangled where they don’t feel clarity. As we evolve in our preparation along with the rest of the cohort, so do our priorities, abilities and goals. If that’s so, then it shouldn’t take either dropping out of the hard-work for either State Civil Services Examination or Central Services. There should be a middle ground – one that sustains our livelihood while helping us pivot to a new preparation path.



Our mission is to help people by making preparation seamless and structured so everyone can succeed at any stage.

Government job aspirants need more than just academic materials to get through the stiff competition of centre and state level public sector exams in India. Aspirants needed an experiential assessment plan that can keep them more aware of their preparation level and take them closer to their goals. There was an opportunity to bridge this gap where institutions as well as the aspirants needed services to build more mock examination experiences before the actual exam and enable them to increase their success rate.


theGuruGyan was founded in 2012 as a structured tests content provider for education institutions and tuition centres across Northern India, those are part of  the training public sector job aspirants. TGG’s services improved, closely tracked, scored, fed back and guided the students on their learning curve for almost a decade now.  Along with designing and delivering academic test series for the businesses, descriptive case studies on current affairs and discussions have also been a crucial element of TGG’s service offerings.


theGuruGyan is an interactive State PCS and UPSC community that serves as a central point for Indian Civil Services applicants to test their preparation level and gather soft skills essential for their personality development. A decade of offline success is now expected to resonate with the online presence. TGG is committed to developing new tools to help applicants get a great score and the information they need to build a strong application.

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